NGO Bitcoin Argentina set position regarding the bills to regulate cryptoactives

The Civil Association DECODES – NGO Bitcoin Argentina, issued a statement on the draft laws that seek to regulate the crypto currencies in Argentina

Recently, Cointelegraph en Español reported that Argentine Congressman Ignacio Torres, from the opposition front „Juntos por el Cambio“, is working on a bill on cryptomonies to be presented in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies. However, before this initiative formally reaches the lower house, the government’s „Frente de Todos“ has already formally presented another project also linked to cryptology and blockade. In this scenario, the Civil Association DECODES – NGO BitQT review Argentina made its position clear, through a statement to which Cointelegraph en Español had access.

„In view of the draft Law on the Regulation of Crypto that has circulated (… ), the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, the pioneer institution in the region that since 2013 defends Bitcoin technology and, by extension, crypto-currencies, and the developments on blockchain and distributed networks, considers it important to note that it has not been part of them, nor has it been consulted about them. The NGO points out that they do not represent its vision and considers that in order to achieve a genuine consensus, they must emerge from a mature process of participation and dialogue among all the participants of the ecosystem and society as a whole,“ they said in a statement.

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„To address such an ambitious goal at the legislative level, it is necessary to be aware of how multidisciplinary and complex is the task that seeks to cover all aspects of a technology that has revolutionized the way of transferring value and where jurisdictions and users are almost impossible to establish. It is also a requirement to understand the foundations of distributed technologies, their particularities and differences in relation to other assets or currencies to determine applicability, scope and real impact of the standard,“ they added later.

On the other hand, they pointed out that the project not only requires the participation of all the actors involved, but also an „open, positive and original“ position, seeking to generate conditions that promote a healthy ecosystem and at the same time empower the projects and take advantage of human resources whose recognition is at a global level.

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„Despite the fact that the NGO recognizes the value that legal certainty offers to the development of technological innovation, both in the financial field by creating a regulated and secure framework for developing new projects and in other areas, this cannot and should not be done in favor of adding a major and novel legal burden on the individual or service provider, or by curtailing the creation of truly disruptive projects due to unenforceable bureaucratic requirements,“ they stressed.

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On the other hand, from the NGO they also indicated that they are open to accompany in the debate any proposal that promotes the adoption and application of this technology of enormous value and potential for any country. They also emphasized the importance of not criminalizing voluntary interactions between people, promoting „clear and conscious application limits of the complexities of this technology, and not subject to free and variant interpretation by the authorities“.