MetaBlaze Takes Web3 Gaming By Storm With $4M Presale, Partnerships & NFT Drop

• MetaBlaze announces a sold-out presale, strategic partnerships with Gaming Guilds, and an AI-Integrated NFT collection.
• The company has achieved a USD 4 million hardcap during its community presale with over two thousand holders.
• Through two key strategic partnerships with and IndiGG, MetaBlaze plans to reshape Web3 gaming with its innovative Craft-to-Earn and Solve-to-Earn experiences.

MetaBlaze Announces Successful Presale

MetaBlaze has announced the successful completion of their presale, having achieved a USD 4 million hardcap through the support of its enthusiastic community. With over two thousand holders participating in the sale, this achievement is a testament to the team’s vision and potential exhibited by MetaBlaze in the Web 3 gaming industry.

Strategic Partnerships With Gaming Guilds

In order to expand their reach in Web 3 gaming space, MetaBlaze has established strategic partnerships with two of the most prominent Gaming Guilds; and IndiGG (an affiliate of Yield Guild Games). Through these collaborations, they plan to bring about a transformative shift in Web3 gaming by introducing innovative Craft-to-Earn and Solve-to-Earn experiences that are interweaved with dynamic storytelling.

AI Powered NFT Collection

In addition to their achievements thus far, MetaBlaze also announced an AI powered NFT collection that is set for launch in Q3 of 2023. This never before seen integration of AI technology into NFT collections is another step forward for the company as they continue building momentum towards their upcoming launch date on September 15th when mblz tokens will be available on centralized & decentralized crypto exchanges.

The Impact Of Crypto Winter

Despite the setbacks faced by many web 3 companies due to Crypto Winter throughout 2022 & 2023, MetaBlaze has consistently charged forward towards success. Their impressive achievements demonstrate how they have been able to weather challenging times while still maintaining a high level of quality standards throughout their operations


MetaBlaze continues to build on its success as it charges towards its anticipated launch date on September 15th, 2023 when mblz tokens will be available on several centralized & decentralized crypto exchanges. With sold out presales and strategic partnerships already secured with some of the most renowned names in Web 3 gaming guilds space; & IndiGG (Yield Guild Games), not forgetting an AI integrated NFT collection; all signs point towards a bright future for this pioneering company as it continues disrupting the industry through innovation coupled with quality execution!