Cardano Goguen Mainnet in March 2021: Is the Ethereum attack coming?

Cardano Goguen comes in March 2021. At least that’s how it looks if the roadmap on Goguen published by the IOHK is adhered to. After the successful rollout of Shelley, many Cardano supporters see Goguen as the final step in starting the attack on Ethereum. In this article we take a quick look at the roadmap and what’s behind Goguen.

Cardano Goguen: attack on Ethereum?

A tweet from IOHK caused a lot of euphoria at the end of last week . The development team behind Cardano published the dedicated roadmap for Cardano Goguen in this tweet.

The new age of smart contracts, because that’s what Goguen stands for, should finally come to Cardano. In this respect, the implementation will represent an important step for the use of Cardano as a network or blockchain.

As can be seen in the tweet and the Goguen roadmap , it will be possible to build native tokens and decentralized applications on Cardano.

Plutus: A New Smart Contract Language

While Ethereum developers are used to the Solidity programming language, Cardano will rely on its own smart contract language called Plutus.

It is said that the language gives developers a tool with which they can work directly on the ledger.

Plutus allows a “code base” to support both on- and off-chain components, which significantly improves coherence and usability compared to existing smart contract implementations.

This implementation is above all a strong contrast to the well-known Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Another highlight is the ability to speak smart contracts in several languages. So Plutus will not be the possibility, but one of many possibilities.

Let’s summarize that Cardano already wants to roll out the Goguen Mainnet in March 2021. This would mean another important milestone. Through Goguen, smart contracts can be used on the ledger. As a result, native tokens and decentralized applications are possible. The specially developed Smart Contract language Plutus is offered as the programming language.