Bitcode AI Review 2022 – Is It Scam or Legit

Since more and more people are trading in cryptocurrencies, many exchange platforms are being created to help investors make the most of their investment. There are numerous options and it’s a challenge to pick one, however Bitcode AI stands out among other options. This review of Bitcode AI provides all you need to learn about this software and focuses on its most current rates and capabilities. Your money is at risk In This Guide[show]

Bitcode AI Summary

Rating 4.5/5
Platform Type Bitcoin Trading Platform
Claimed Win Rate 85%
Supported Assets BTC and a variety of cryptocurrency
Is It a Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Timeframe All hours of the day
Mobile App No

Visit Bitcode AI Now The risk to your capital may be high.

What is Bitcode AI?

Bitcode AI is among the most popular Bitcoin platforms for conducting investments. Bitcoin AI is a software application designed to trade on behalf of the people. Additionally, the website states that it is able to identify opportunities for trading using AI-powered software. This removes the possibility of previous studies by investors. This Bitcode AI platform has been specially designed for beginners and this means that it does not require prior experience with trading. Instead, it employs the strategies developed by the Bitcode AI team. It employs strategies that are proprietary that are based upon „Big Data“ to provide an extremely efficient investment suggestions. A minimum investment of $250 is needed since Bitcode AI is completely free. Bitcode AI provides users with the possibility of using leverage. According to Bitcode AI’s website Bitcode AI website, it has leverage of as high as 5000:1 which is greater than most cryptocurrency exchanges. Although this may dramatically boost profits, it could also result in more substantial losses, and is only recommended for traders with experience. Make sure you do your homework since every investment comes with inherent risks. If you’re a novice user, it’s recommended to begin with the smallest amount of money, because it means you can limit the risk to an acceptable level. Your investment is at risk.

How Does Bitcode AI Work?

As a platform for trading in crypto, Bitcode AI is capable of purchasing Bitcoin as well as other currencies for you. Bitcode AI’s advanced algorithms search the market for possible trading opportunities. Opportunities are communicated through Bitcode AI’s built in strategies, that are believed to be extremely successful. When a trading opportunity has been identified, Bitcode AI ensures that it immediately initiates an order in your name. As per Bitcode AI’s website Bitcode AI website it’s 0.01 secs ahead of market prices, which suggests that users will always get the most favorable prices for entry. It is essential to stress that the platform will bargain on your behalf, therefore you don’t need to be aware of any discussions. Your investment is at risk. Quantum AI trading platform Trade Cryptos Now Capital is in danger

Bitcode AI Key Features

If you’re making use of Bitcode AI, you may be wondering what the primary advantages are. This Bitcode AI US review, we outline the major advantages of this software:

AI-powered Strategies

Bitcode AI-based trading strategies are highly effective and can identify markets more quickly than humans. This means that traders are able to spot opportunities at an best timing.


Bitcode AI provides a simple registration procedure. The first step is to fill out a brief form that contains your basic details. It should take no more than thirty minutes. If you are able ensure that the information is accurate so that the verification is correct. Bitcode AI doesn’t charge customers for opening accounts. The only thing you need to do is make a deposit in your existing account. Before you begin, make sure you have a small deposit in place. It will serve to fund your capital investment in the beginning.

Demo Trading

Bitcode AI offers an account for demo trading which is a great way to get familiar with the trading platform before you begin investing real money. But, you are able to decide you don’t wish to utilize the demo account in all times. For instance, if, for example, you’d like to immediately go into the trading room you can do this.

Customer Support Service

Customer support is a crucial element of all cryptocurrency trading platforms. To help novice buyers, Bitcode AI has a customer service department. The team includes experts who are able to answer any queries regarding the investment process or the amount of money you will need to begin trading. The highly-trained staff is on hand all hours of the day and night, and is willing to assist you.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcode AI allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrency. Bitcode AI additionally allows you to trade several other altcoins too.

Reliable Brokers

Bitcode AI, an internet-based cryptocurrency trade program that works with brokers online. They rank among the top in the market. They make sure that customers benefit from trading using the platform. Furthermore the process of trading is based on algorithms. The best thing to do is to conduct it on a licensed platform.

Live Trading

This feature is crucial for customers. Users can begin immediately live trading with the demo account as well as backstage features. Bitcoin traders can trade via their trading dashboards choosing brokers that deal with crypto. To keep trading, users must put a minimum amount in the amount of $250 to their account for trading. Customers can make money by trading every day. The option to trade with an algorithm is also accessible. Visit Bitcode AI Now Capital is in danger


Bitcode AI claims to leverage up to 5000:1 whilst employing the same effective strategies. Of course, human bias is bound to be present when trading with this leverage, but this is not a problem for Bitcode AI.

Bitcode AI Fees

If you are considering investing in Bitcode AI It is crucial to take into consideration commissions that it offers. In this case you don’t have to pay any fees. Bitcode AI’s Bitcode AI website states that there aren’t any hidden charges or hidden charges. The platform also states that they are free. This is among the most impressive features we saw in our Bitcode AI review, as it guarantees that trading processes are most profitable. The only thing you need to think about to be aware of is Bitcode AI employs brokers who might use their spreads to ease trading. However it will be contingent on the platform. Before using Bitcode AI or any other cryptocurrency platform, you must look into the entire issue of fees in order to determine the best possible return and avoid going home empty handed.

Account Opening Fee No
Commissions No
Inactivity Fee No
Monthly Account Fee No
Additional Charges No

Is Bitcode AI Legit or a Scam?

The first thing to consider is that the definition of a scam is Bitcode AI stealing your money or offering you an untrue trading system to exchange your cash. Research has been conducted to prove this isn’t the case. Bitcode AI is a first-class platform. Bitcode AI uses only registered brokers. Bitcode AI utilizes the most advanced security system. It ensures that your personal data remain secure when using their software. With the threat of hackers increasing it is among the main advantages of the platform. Bitcode AI has a genuine and highly-trained support staff. Bitcode AI provides support 24 hours a day via chat, phone and email. Naturally, that is assuming that you have the help you require and is readily available to you.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcode AI?

Since the introduction the launch of Bitcode AI, the platform has generated a lot of attention. A variety of experts from diverse sectors have been praising the trading platform as it promises huge profits. As it’s always been the case that it is essential to conduct independent reviews. Additionally, you do not wish to fall prey to hype or stories, so we chose to further investigate to determine whether the information is true. Here is what we’ve found out about endorsements from celebrities in addition to Bitcode AI after careful research.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, who is the chief executive officer for Tesla and SpaceX is well-known in Silicon Valley. He is an entrepreneur who has many interests, and was once the most successful man in the world. Another aspect that one of the things that makes Musk so well-known is his open-mindedness to innovations. For instance, Elon Musk is known to be an innovator in the field of cryptocurrency, where any article about cryptocurrency can alter the worth of for any currency. Additionally, Elon Musk is said to be investing in the Bitcode AI app, but we couldn’t find any solid evidence supporting the claims in this review. Bitcode AI US review.

Idris Elba

Bitcode AI US reviewIdris Elba is multi-award winning musician and actor whose image has been seen on screens for many years. He has gained a lot of fame due to his appearances in numerous Hollywood blockbusters like Fast and Furious. There are rumors about his connection to Bitcode, the AI trading platform Bitcode are not true, even though the actor has been linked to numerous other brands and companies.

Gordon Ramsay

Quantum AI crypto robot Gordon Ramsay is extremely famous due to his contributions to the entertainment and food industries. In addition, he’s gained a large following on social media due to his appearance on numerous cooking shows, including Hell’s Kitchen. Numerous brands and businesses have been connected to Gordon Ramsay, the King of Food and Entertainment and this includes his Bitcode AI platform. After hours of study we couldn’t discern any link to Gordon Ramsay and Bitcode AI.

Kate Winslet

Bitcode AI review The Hollywood blockbuster Titanic has brought Kate Winslet into the limelight. She also appeared in a variety of blockbuster films since Titanic. Because she’s always prominently in front-pages tabloids and newspapers the public is curious to know if there’s any truth regarding her involvement in Bitcode AI and other cryptocurrency projects. Based on extensive research conducted carried out by the team at our disposal, we discovered that the reports are false since the actress doesn’t appear to have any investment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcode AI Customer Support

Bitcode AI shares a lot the same way as other platforms of this kind similar to Quantum AI, in that its customer support is trustworthy and efficient and it is due to this that it is unique. Within a few seconds, a knowledgeable support team will be available to help you quickly and effectively solve any unexpected or difficult problem within your business. Contacting the customer service number and the email addresses are two of ways to contact Bitcode AI’s team. There’s a customer service department within Bitcode AI staffed by real individuals. Traders can seek all the support they need from this team, as they are available 24 hours a day to provide assistance anytime they require it. Furthermore, the Bitcode AI website has a dedicated FAQ section that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by the site’s visitors.

How to Use Bitcode AI

It is possible to start using Bitcode AI in a matter of minutes. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open an Account

Go to the website. Click on the „create an account“ button. To sign up, users need to fill in their names address, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. They then have to submit their completed registration form on the website. In a matter of seconds, you’ll get the Bitcoin Code account created. An email confirmation will be sent to you to verify. Once the verification process has been complete, the user id or password will be created that allows you to log into your account. There is no cost for this service. Registration is completely free. Sign Up Now Capital is in danger

Step 2: Fund Your Account

The next step is to open the Bitcoin Code account in the trading app. The choice of broker is yours to decide. A minimum deposit of $250 is needed to begin trading. It is not possible to start trading without the minimum investment. You can make use of your debit or credit card, as well as other optionsto transfer funds. There aren’t any taxes associated with this trading program.

Step 3: Start With The Demo Account

You can trade using Bitcode AI in live or demo trading mode. Demo mode is where you will learn more about the way Bitcode AI trading works, become familiar with the trading environment and analyze, observe and understand how it functions. However experienced traders can be able to enter a live trading area. Your money is at risk

Step 4: Start Trading

The trading process does not start with the deposit. It’s dependent on you whether you choose to use the automated or manual trading feature. The platform lets you choose your preferred crypto exchange from the list before you select one to begin trading.

The Verdict

The fact is there is no doubt that Bitcode AI is a reliable Bitcoin trading platform. In addition, the software has received many positive reviews and this proves its reliability. The trading of cryptocurrency can be lucrative for those who wish to earn money. Utilizing a cryptocurrency trading platform to trade in the market has many benefits like the time savings and money. Be sure to invest only in small amounts, to reduce possible losses. A minimum of $250 is needed to sign up and it only takes just a few minutes using your web browser.